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Aisha Ali



I am a Non-Binary, Queer, South Asian Vocal Artist, Improviser, Composer, Producer and Workshop facilitator.


As a performer, I love to work in an improvised way whether it is vocally or physically and I have trained with Holly Stoppit in the art of  Fooling and with various teachers learning the magic of Collaborative Vocal Improvisation (CVI). I thrive on the rawness and authenticity of playing with the present moment - it's so risky but equally so alive. I think the body is capable of telling stories words cannot convey so easily as it takes you to a different level of perception and interpretation. I have experience performing on theatre stage, festivals and unusual outdoor bespoke settings.

Composing for theatre, writing songs, soundscapes and  even jingles which brings me so much joy! It's amazing taking a person's idea of what music should be like and stirring it into existence. My favourite things are layers of vocal harmonies, interesting beats, extended chords on the piano and the use of Foley Instruments. You can hear samples of my work on the "compositions" tab and the "When Am I Me?" video here.

I co-created Kiota: A collective of BIPoC artists in Bristol as I am passionate about decolonising Arts spaces and working towards Radical Inclusion. I facilitate Inclusion Workshops with companies looking to challenge and expand the way they work using Embodied Social Justice Methodology, which means starting with the body, at the site of oppression and not in the usual detached heady way of getting information and that being enough to enact meaningful change. Kiota, which is Swahili for nest, is a celebration of BIPoC live artists in Bristol and I have produced showcases, residencies, workshops and a podcast, Kiota Lab. Check it out here!

Since my first love is the voice, I love getting groups in touch with their bodies, voices and artistic flow. My singing workshops are tailored to the group but a huge component is always play and ridding ourselves of any negative preconceptions of our singing voice and reclaiming it as an important part of ourselves as creative and expressive beings.

Companies I have worked with include: Beyond The Ridiculous, The Tobacco Factory Theatre, Verity Standen, The Mechanical Animal Corporation, 600 Highwaymen, Stomping Ground, Red Rope Theatre, SanaRt Theatre, Monkey Trousers Theatre, Shitv, Theatre Bristol, The Brewhouse Theatre, The Wardrobe Ensemble, Cat and Mouse Theatre, The Last Baguette, Liz Clarke Productions, The Wardrobe Theatre and The Bristol Improv Theatre.

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